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MDF One-Day EU LMS Tourney - Saturday, October 12th @ 4pm EDT

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:29 pm
by HumanBones
Multiplayer Doom Federation Discord Server:


The objective of the tournament is to accumulate the most points throughout a series of rounds, playing across a total of 6 maps. Each round will consist of 2 maps and each map will be played a total of 3 times. Players are randomly placed into groups for every round. At the end of the round, the groups are shuffled and the maps change. Points will be awarded to players depending on the order in which they died in each round.

Point Distribution:

1st place: 6 points
2nd place: 4 points
3rd place: 3 points
4th place: 2 points
5th and under: 1 point


Each map has a timelimit of 4 mins. When time runs out, sudden death kicks in and health will degenerate until there is one player left alive.

All players of a particular round join the server at once and will play the same number of maps, but the actual lineup of each round will be randomized. Admins will announce the player lineup for every following round, and the selected players will join the game and the map will be restarted for them. If it’s not your round, you simply idle in the server.

The maps have been chosen for their variation of styles (pace, spam, player/frag/time limit) and we’ll try to make sure everyone plays across all of them, but this part will be heavily dependent on the player signups and randomization. It should ensure, however, that you don’t meet the same opponents often.



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