MDF One-Day OCEANIC CTF Tournament - Saturday, August 10th @ 8pm AEST

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MDF One-Day OCEANIC CTF Tournament - Saturday, August 10th @ 8pm AEST


Post by HumanBones » Mon Aug 05, 2019 9:45 pm

MDF ONE-DAY CTF TOURNAMENT - Saturday, August 10th @ 8pm AEST on ZANDRONUM

Each team will play every other team once in a round robin. Each round, the number of flags that a team scores determines how it advances through a seeding method. The more flags your team scores, the better chance you have at receiving a higher seed and reaching the semi-finals. During the group rounds maps will be randomly assigned from the pool. During the semi-finals and finals, teams will choose 1 map to ban and play the remaing 2-3. There are no tiebreakers. Servers will be hosted in Aus by DUD.

6-8 Teams, 3v3


Each group will play 2 maps, with each team being assigned seeding depending on their overall number of flags:

GROUP 1: Team A - 10 Flags, Team B - 8 Flags
GROUP 2: Team C - 3 Flags, Team D - 7 Flags
GROUP 3: Team E - 9 Flags, Team F - 4 Flags


Each team will play a new team. Flag totals will carry over from the first round.

GROUP 4: Team B - 13 Flags, Team F - 8 Flags
GROUP 5: Team D - 17 Flags, Team A - 14 Flags
GROUP 6: Team E - 16 Flags, Team C - 9 Flags


The four teams with the highest flag/seed counts will advance to the semi-finals. The semi-finals will be played as a best of 3 (bo3) with maps with each team being able to ban 1 map.

GROUP 5: Team E - 2 wins, Team A - 1 win
GROUP 6: Team D - 0 wins, Team B - 2 wins


Both of the winners from the semi-finals goes to the finals which are also a bo3. Each team can again ban 1 map.

GROUP 7: Team E - 2 wins, Team B - 1 win


WAD: ... dl2018.wad

MAPS:TBD after voting

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