[USDQC] Wednesday Night DM #111 - Doom 25th Ann Pack

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[USDQC] Wednesday Night DM #111 - Doom 25th Ann Pack


Post by Lil'Ruff » Wed Jun 30, 2021 4:38 am


While we celebrated Quake’s 25th Anniversary last week, why not enjoy some of Doom’s greatest DM maps this week? We didn’t want to spoil all of Quake’s glory, but we are not holding back this week! This compilation pack features maps from legendary wads such as Dwango5, Greenwar, PyrrhicXL, UDM3, and more, with 60 maps to be exact! We will set the map rotation to random to get a taste of the many different mapsets featured. Come on out and get those super shotguns ready for some fragtastic action!

Date: June 30, 2021
Time: 8:00PM CDT
Server: [TSPG]

Skill: Nightmare
Fraglimit: 40
Timelimit: 8
IWAD: doom2
PWADs: 25th_dm_60maps.wad, zandrospree2rc2.pk3, newtextcolours_260.pk3
Maps: MAP01-MAP60 (Random map rotation)
Players: 16/32
Spoiler: Server Settings (Open)
DMFlags: 6378500
DMFlags2: 1536
ZADMFlags: 32768
CompatFlags: 64
ZACompatFlags: 17825816

Code: Select all

addmap MAP01
addmap MAP02
addmap MAP03
addmap MAP04
addmap MAP05
addmap MAP06
addmap MAP07
addmap MAP08
addmap MAP09
addmap MAP10
addmap MAP11
addmap MAP12
addmap MAP13
addmap MAP14
addmap MAP15
addmap MAP16
addmap MAP17
addmap MAP18
addmap MAP19
addmap MAP20
addmap MAP21
addmap MAP22
addmap MAP23
addmap MAP24
addmap MAP25
addmap MAP26
addmap MAP27
addmap MAP28
addmap MAP29
addmap MAP30
addmap MAP31
addmap MAP32
addmap MAP33
addmap MAP34
addmap MAP35
addmap MAP36
addmap MAP37
addmap MAP38
addmap MAP39
addmap MAP40
addmap MAP41
addmap MAP42
addmap MAP43
addmap MAP44
addmap MAP45
addmap MAP46
addmap MAP47
addmap MAP48
addmap MAP49
addmap MAP50
addmap MAP51
addmap MAP52
addmap MAP53
addmap MAP54
addmap MAP55
addmap MAP56
addmap MAP57
addmap MAP58
addmap MAP59
addmap MAP60
sv_randommaprotation true
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