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Skulltag modes: rewritten in DECORATE+ACS

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 4:13 pm
It has been mentioned multiple times that most of the gamemodes would be changed or even removed, but which ones are going to be removed? Unless that just means a rewrite of them in DECO+ACS instead of being hardcoded, which would be really good. Yet i wonder, what of those modes will stay hardcoded? In team-based modes there's no option but to leave the team starts hardcoded, same with the TEAMINFO support for team items.

But if it helps, i already made some progress doing just that: CTF mode, Skulltag Emulation (Almost complete recreation of Skulltag in ACS+DECO, the CTF and ST code is a bit messy though, and i haven't updated it to ctf_basev2's cleaner code, LMS and Invasion are the only modes left to do, and 2 runes don't work) Theoretically you can play CTF and ST modes in real Zandro/ZDaemon/Odamex-designed CTF maps, but you have to use teamgame(acs) for it. And for the built-in maps, Team Deathmatch is the intended one.

If these modes have been already rewritten, forgive my ignorance, i just wanted to help a bit.