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A_CheckProximity and a small bot request

Posted: Sat May 11, 2019 8:16 pm
Could A_CheckProximity be added in Zandronum 3.1?

And a way of making the bots keep pressing use at all times (A CVAR or compatflag?) would be nice too, less necessary than the first one, but it definitely would help a bunch.

Both of these are (in my case) to keep TDBots compatibility with Zandronum and ZDoom without Zandronum having a cut-down version of it that just ends up being worse than the built-in bots. The second one is so bots can open doors like in ZDoom, but don't in Zandronum by default.

This isn't a demand, and if none of these are added then i will just keep making a separate version for Zandro like i have done, but i would prefer it this way. I mean, fairly competent bots that are fully customizable, can play CTF and capture the objectives, with a limit of 64 players? Heck yeah i'll work for that!