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I want all FAP servers shut down.

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 6:30 pm
by Infernal163
If anyone here remembers Shadowfox, he came onto the FAP DnD server after Janosch uploaded his new map-pack, and started trolling relentlessly, using racist slurs, and impersonating users. And guess what the FAP admins decided to do? Perma-ban me because they thought I was making the whole thing up. And because of this BS, Janosch said he's quitting the Doom community for good. So, I want all FAP servers shut down for robbing us of a legend, and falsely accusing me of hacking when I didn't.

Re: I want all FAP servers shut down.

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 7:08 pm
by Zomboy108
Let me just bring it up here, that we did this as he (and another user which name I will not disclose) was a security threat to our servers. You have provided no proof here, in our discord, or to me specifically that who was trolling was "Shadowfox". We also have screenshots of you talking to another member of our discord (which, again, I will not disclose his/her name at this time), saying, and I quote, "I learned my lesson about causing trouble and making people mad. I won't do it anymore" and even admitted to taking said person's discord account. The screenshots shared to us also have you saying, and I quote, "I just get upset sometimes. But if I'm going to be gone for a week then I might as well do something, I'm not going to listen to them. I'm going to make them pay for kicking me out. Don't tell anyone it's me, I still wanna keep playing"

We told him that he needs to take a break from our Death and Decay server until we can figure out what was going on. (Should have said this in the beginning of the post) What started this was there was someone connecting saying racial slurs and overall being a troll. We would ban him for being blatantly racist, but would connect with another IP, would spam racial slurs again, and the cycle goes on. Even putting a password on it didnt stop him, which struck us as odd. So, we tried a new password, which we only gave to certain people, such as myself, Ace, Hoe, and Foster. We did not give it to Volcanic (Aka, Infernal up there) and the troll magically disappeared. Someone set up a TSPG server for Infernal, and the troll didnt follow him there either. After the first incident, Infernal came into our discord saying that someone named "Shadowfox" was coming in and harassing him, which made no sense since that was not the persons name, nor could he even see IP's and such. He kept saying that, even though he had no evidence to back up that claim, nor did he have evidence to back any other claims that he had

So, please take both of our perspectives with what you will, and really look at who is the one telling the whole story here. Thanks

Re: I want all FAP servers shut down.

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 8:51 pm
by powerful_hoe
Hi All ~

I'm the owner for the FAP cluster.

The facts are as follows:

1 - Infernal, aka Volcanic163, was playing our Death and Decay server for 2-3 weeks without incident. The last few days, a "troll" with a VPM generated IP kept entering the server, spamming hate words and being a bully, which is a bannable offense.
2. We (Zomboy and I and our Server Admins) did try to protect Volcanic as we felt he was being targeted by staying vigilant and banning this troll IP the best we could. This didn't work so we decided to lock the server up and give the password out to a few people, including Volcanic. This "troll" somehow managed to get into the password server so we found that alarming.
3. I asked Volcanic to take a week break from Death and Decay but he refused to comply or understand. I needed to investigate where the security issue is and I wanted to eliminate suspects. Rather than working with us, he protested.
4. It was later brought to my attention via internal Discord screenshots that Volcanic doesn't have "clean hands" - two things we learned is that he highjacked another person's Discord Account to get information and also in the same conversation made a threat to FAP - "I will make them pay for this".
Keep in mind, we have done anything and everything to protect him from being bullied, but it would appear he is intent on having his way. Whether or not he is the "troll" in question, or "Shadowfox", or whoever, I cannot prove. I'm still working on putting that case together.

Let me also make clear no modders associated with our servers will be "leaving the Doom community for good".

FAP is a great community and I have a strict no bulling, no n-word, policy. We will continue to to our best to ensure anyone who plays on our servers will not run into any issues from trolling or the like and take steps/measures should we have any issues. Anyone can reach out to me and my moderators directly if you have any questions.

Re: I want all FAP servers shut down.

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 10:28 pm
by Marcaek
Thread locked. This is not how to deal with these issues.