Zandronum Absolutely Does Not Connect

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Zandronum Absolutely Does Not Connect


Post by YungLeftyGod » Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:05 am

My friend and I have spent hours stretched across several days trying to play Brutal Doom v2.0 together using Zandronum, but nothing we do works. We even tried playing Megaman 8-Bit Deathmatch as an alternative but got all the same errors. Via Google Drive, we shared identical copies of the Doom 2 and Zandronum installation folders, so our versions of Zandronum, Doom 2, and the brutal doom pk3 files were all the same. Despite this, we got errors saying that our versions of Zandronum were different, that our .wad files were missing, that the LAN couldnt connect, lump authentication failed, etc etc etc. Every time we corrected something, another error popped up until eventually, we could connect to one another's Zandronum servers, but would join completely isolated game campaigns on different levels despite the servers being set to 'Cooperative.' Of course, when this happened, we'd type in the IP manually via the console, but that would result in either one of the above errors, or just a long list of the console printing out "Connecting to"

We've shared files, installed the latest version of Zandronum several times, disabled our firewalls, organized our .wads in identical formats, and been on what feels like hundreds of forum threads and walkthroughs, and no one's solution works. Why exactly these mods have to be run through Zandronum instead of just having internal Multiplayer game modes I don't know, but the whole process is extremely complicated and riddled with hurdles. If you have any advice or possible fixes for these issues, I'd love some help, but I really just wanted to point out how much of a technical pain in the neck this is for setting up simple Co-op game servers.

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Re: Zandronum Absolutely Does Not Connect


Post by Konda » Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:43 pm

Try to connect to a server, and when it shows the lump authentication error, take a screenshot so we can see which file's causing the problem.

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