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FAQ & iFAQ- Frequently & Infrequently Asked Questions (2.2c)

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:14 am
by infurnus
EDIT: Some info may be out of date since this was posted, due to the differences between the old and new forum software.
Please feel free to point out issues so they may be corrected.
Zandronum FAQ wrote:
  • What on Earth is Zandronum?

    Zandronum, formerly known as SkullTag, seeks to reduce some of the bulk of SkullTag and serve as a clean slate both for the port as well as the community.

    In other words, Zandronum is a direct continuation of SkullTag, being used as a reboot for the port and to rebuild the community.


  • Where are the forum rules?

    Right here. They also appear when you register on the forum.

    • Hey! I see someone BREAKING one of these rules! What are you going to do about it?

      If we are unaware of it, nothing at all! :redface:
      Please click the Report button on problem posts and summarize the issue in the text box that appears.

    • The rules say how how small images should be, but is there a limit for the total signature size?

      The height of signatures is capped at 152 pixels. Signature width is stretched to fit the width of posts.
      Note: A scrollbar also appears automatically when signatures are too tall, or when a spoiler inside them is opened. This was the main reason the hard limit on signature height was added

  • How many forum accounts can I have? I have a roommate/sibling/partner/etc.

    You may have up to 2 accounts, as per the forum software configuration. If you need any more, please contact the staff. Creating another account to ban evade, however, is not allowed! Please use common sense, and don't get yourself into even more trouble!




  • Will this port be kept up to date with ZDoom's updates as opposed to being like 1000 revisions or so that Skulltag generally was behind?

    That is the plan, but we can't get that release going without testers, so check the tracker, check the development builds and Zandronum testing subforums!

    Note: You do not need to register on the tracker, just use or register your forum account to log in to it


  • How do I use Zandronum with (Doomseeker/IDE/insert favorite browser here)?

    If you were previously using Doomseeker for Skulltag, you will need to update.

    If you're using Internet Doom Explorer, you need to update as well.

    Note: Make sure you've configured your directory/file paths properly in the options/settings


  • What happened to the Skulltag website and forum?

    Short reason:
    Due to time commitments and differences between the the creator/webmaster and staff members, the SkullTag website was closed by the creator/webmaster and the project's open-source code was forked/split by Torr Samaho into Zandronum.

    Long reason:
    [spoiler]A few years ago (around 2009-2010) the creator and original lead developer of SkullTag had began work on a commercial game and no longer had the time any more to maintain or update Skulltag.

    On February 13, 2012, Skulltag officially went open-source (similar to Doom itself), and development was continued on (now defunct; archived copy here) by Torr & what would later become the Zandronum development staff.

    In 2012, the remaining ST team forked the ST opensource code (legally, mind you) to Zandronum. On June 7, 2012, the creator of SkullTag officially announced the discontinuation of the port.[/spoiler]


  • Why aren't my old Skulltag wads working?! Missing Skulltag textures and sprites?!

    Short reason:
    The now separate skulltag_data.pk3 resources do not auto-load with Zandronum. It is no longer directly supported and we can not encourage its further use due to its old age.

    Long reason:
    [spoiler]We were aware of the consequences of removing it when we made the decision and ultimately, we felt that we could no longer directly support it since a large amount of the content used within it was uncredited, ripped or otherwise repurposed from other places. It would have taken a very long time to get into contact with each and every individual responsible for creating the content over the decade of SkullTag's existence to keep the auto-loading of the .pk3 enabled.[/spoiler]

    By making this decision, this now allows free Shareware IWADs to be supported again.

    How do I load my old SkullTag mods?:
    [spoiler]You basically need to load two files to get older SkullTag mods running properly. This also allows you to host old ST mods online.

    skulltag_actors.pk3, which should come with the latest Zandronum
    skulltag_data.pk3, which has download mirrors here:

    Note: You may need to configure skulltag_actors.pk3 to load before skulltag_data.pk3[/spoiler]



  • Is THAT really the name?

    Torr got tired of the month-long discussions. He picked this as an end-all. It also guarantees relevant results on Google.
    Please deal with it. :igor:

If you have a question that was not answered, a community managed FAQ can be viewed here:
Zandronum Pill- everything a newbie would want to know!

as well as an FAQ on our wiki:

RE: FAQ & iFAQ- Frequently & Infrequently Asked Questions (2.0)

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:17 am
by Cruduxy
You can also mention that Doomseeker and IDE just need to be redirected to the new executable file and they'll work fine.. although updating them is preferred.

RE: FAQ & iFAQ- Frequently & Infrequently Asked Questions (updated)

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2013 9:38 am
by infurnus
(This post will contain update info, latest updates at the top)

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* 10/13/2013 - Added this FAQ's contents into the wiki's FAQ page
* 9/30/2013 - Added new staff listing link and updated to 2.2a
* 9/29/2013 - Added infrequently asked questions about post reporting & signature info and updated to 2.2
* 9/26/2013 - Added help for account activation and password reset, etc, and updated to 2.1
* 9/25/2013 - Added "How many forum accounts can I have?" infrequently asked question
* 9/23/2013 - Added contact page and updated to 2.0b
* 9/19/2013 - Appended and updated to 2.0a