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Protected lump authentication failed on Raspberry Pi server

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 10:19 pm
by foul_owl
Trying to get zandronum-server running on a Raspberry Pi.

I used this repo:

And built with:

Code: Select all

mkdir build
cd build
The only iwad I'm loading is Doom 2 v1.9. I confirmed the md5 hash on both the client and the server and it matches.

My client is an x86-64 machine, but I would imagine that cpu arch differences hopefully wouldn't matter between client and server?

Client is running zandronum 3.0.1-r191013-1938 installed from Debian 10 repos.

I have a spare x86-64 machine to test with also, and I have confirmed that the client can connect to a server running on this machine with no problems.