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Port forwarding(My head is about to explode)

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 9:39 am
by NewGuyx
Okay, I'm getting frustrated and annoyed and about to get really mad but since this is like the 4 time i do this I'll try to remain calm and explain what i've tried and done. All of this worked with my last ISP and now with my new ISP its NOT working.

Goal - Setup a doom server that just runs the Doom2.wad nothing else. (SUCCESS)

Goal 2 - Setup the server so it can be seen over the internet. (UNSUCCESSFUL)

I'm not sure how to send any pictures or something that tells you guys what i did but ill explain my procedure and as compact as i can.

Step 1 - Open doomseeker, Create Game, server name NewGuy Coop, port 10666, broadcast to LAN ticked ON, broadcast to Master ticked ON, UPnP ticked ON. Im not sure if there is anything else here you guys need in order to help me solve this problem, if so ask me and ill provide.

Step 2 - Router configuration. I activate UPnP IGD in the router, i portforward UDP and TCP to the pc doom server runs on.

Step 3 - check if my ports are open when the server is up and running on canyouseeme . org(not sure if im allowed to link stuff) Wont work

Step 4 - I turn on a VPN on my PC server to check if i connect from the outside to my server also unsuccessful.

Step 5 - I call my ISP over and over again asking them if they have any ports blocked or ANYTHING. Their answer it's all working and we can see you opened these ports 10666 etc.

Step 6 - I can see my server isnt being reached at the bottom of doomseeker, I pin my server with my IP and it shows up as working but wont work outside still. I mentioned this because the odd thing to me is that it doesnt show my IP there, it shows this. I'll hide all the random numbers with stars because i think that show my IP address but it goes like this ************ could this be an issue or something? maybe not.

Conclusion - I've gone through these steps over and over and I cannot make it work, worked with the last ISP so my gut is telling me its the ISP but they are telling me its not..

Im dying to play doom with friends but here i am for the 4 time doing port forwarding and i always end up having trouble where there shouldnt really be trouble.


Re: Port forwarding(My head is about to explode)

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 10:08 am
by NewGuyx

I cant edit the title and would like to mark or flair this solved.

SOLUTION port forwarding is easy and if you are having issues with port forwarding 99% of the time its the ISP and your way of handling the ISP's router.. I could explain further but what i learned was only check if you are setting up your game right 3 times max then use the rest of your time on the router and isp support call. You are wasting your life away if you do it more than that.

I have an urge to record and explain what went wrong so i dont look like an idiot here but it is what it is...

Problem found and it was me not configuring the ISP router correctly. I might be insane but I was not putting the things right in.