SNS #222: Master of Puppets on Alien Vendetta

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SNS #222: Master of Puppets on Alien Vendetta


Post by ARGENTVM » Sat Sep 24, 2016 2:54 pm

dstrang wrote:man sns turnaround nice job guys u get rangle seel of approval
Welcome to SNS #222 - Come join us; tonight we will be playing the all time famous Foreigner's Revenge with the Leader of Marionettes Modification Pack for Damned the Second: Bad Evil Place on Terra.
IWAD: doom2.wad

Ancient Aliens Prequel, Ancient Aliens Prequel Computer God Beacon Temple, Spooky Pruppets come from marinara, Special Pruppet powers, SNS Pack

What day: Today

What time:
Central Europe: You
United Kingdom: already
Russia / Moscow: should

Pacific Time: know (oh and except this one too bad earthquake land)
Mountain Time: the
Central Time (US): time
Eastern Time: except east coast they're bad ouched coast

Where: TSPG Those Silly Political Golden-grahams
Spoiler: Customized Settings (Open)
Player/Client limit: 65/64
Skill: Ultra-Violet)
Maxlives: idk
Maplist: yes

Code: Select all

lewt dot com?
dmflags2=not here
ZAdmflags= over there
compatflags=go ask bob
ZAcompatflags=not now i'm busy

sv_afk2spec bob
sv_smartaim mensa
sv_nodrop 1 (Custom clients are bad ouched clients don't care if you're special snowflake)
kk cheers mate

no attention posts someone call admin if they have to plz thank you for your corporation

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Re: SNS #222: Master of Puppets on Alien Vendetta


Post by Combinebobnt » Sat Sep 24, 2016 3:26 pm

dranze go poopet maseter