SNS #1944: ARMED recruit with community really fun 3

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SNS #1944: ARMED recruit with community really fun 3

Post#1 by Combinebobnt » Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:00 am

dstrang wrote:im creeper rocketjump

what's up WORLD RECORD posting time

Welcome to SNS #1944: today we run some wad by terror sphere hes from skulltag but he never came to skulltag god bless carnevil. we play wad with guns or some thing but use altfire thats grenades its the real gun. we run armed rebar and not veteran because 3.0 isnt finished yet but ppl are acting like it is :sadface:


IWAD: doom2.wad

wad if you dont fall asleep you win i guess, scool shoter, hpbar-v15b.pk3, snsmp-v7.pk3

What day: Today

What time:
like right NOW

Where: TSPG

Spoiler: Customized Settings (Open)
Player/Client limit: 64/64
Skill: Ultra-Violet)
Maxlives: ONLY 1
Maplist: 1-32

Code: Select all

map  1 -32

sv_afk2spec arg we should kick out ral
sv_smartaim 3 mins = 300 iq
sv_nodrop 1

public image intact

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