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FNF #443: Dodgeball + Cybercrime 3

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:44 pm
Remember that projectiles are not pickups for this week's Europe FNF with Dodgeball and get ready to go back with cybercrime 3.

European FNF


Game Mode: Team Last Man Standing
WAD's: Dodgeball, Skulltag Stuff, Stats, LiteSpree, New Text Colours
Optional Wads: Announcer for LiteSpree

When: September 28th, 2018
Central Europe: 19:00
United Kingdom: 20:00
Eastern Europe: 21:00
Russia / Moscow: 22:00
US East Coast (EDT): 15:00

Where: TSPG-Britsteel
Spoiler: Customized settings (Open)
Player/Client limit: 32/64
WinLimit: 2
Maplist: DODGE01-20

Code: Select all

addmap dodge01
addmap dodge02
addmap dodge03
addmap dodge04
addmap dodge05
addmap dodge06
addmap dodge07
addmap dodge08
addmap dodge09
addmap dodge10
addmap dodge11
addmap dodge12
addmap dodge13
addmap dodge14
addmap dodge15
addmap dodge16
addmap dodge17
addmap dodge18
addmap dodge19
addmap dodge20
DMFlags 9061380
DMFlags2 4194304
ZADMFlags 32832
CompatFlags 0
ZACompatFlags 16

sv_suddendeath false
sv_randommaprotation true
sv_defaultdmflags false
American FNF

Game Mode: Deathmatch
WADs: Cybercrime 3, patch, LiteSpree, FNF Stats, NewTextColours
Optional Wads: Announcer for LiteSpree
When: September 28th, 2018

Pacific Time: 17:00 (5 PM)
Mountain Time: 18:00 (6 PM)
Central Time (US): 19:00 (7 PM)
Eastern Time: 20:00 (8 PM)

Where: TSPG-Painkiller
Spoiler: Customized settings (Open)
Player/Client limit: 64/64
TimeLimit 6 minutes
FragLimit 0
Maplist: MAP01-12

Code: Select all

addmap map01
addmap map02
addmap map03
addmap map04
addmap map05
addmap map06
addmap map07
addmap map08
addmap map09
addmap map10
addmap map11
addmap map12
DMFlags 4215812
DMFlags2 16778816
ZADMFlags 0
CompatFlags 524352
ZACompatFlags 4850056

sv_nocallvote 1
sv_suddendeath 0
sv_randommaprotation true
sv_defaultdmflags false
skill 4
puke 23009