FNF #405: Doom 2 + Doom 1 (SW) Classic LMS

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FNF #405: Doom 2 + Doom 1 (SW) Classic LMS


Post by doomjoshuaboy » Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:41 am

Bringing back a combo that is as well liked as it is overdue, it's ClassicLMS on Doom 2 maps, with maybe a couple of the better E1 choices as a bonus. Jump into the fray and duke it out or skulk in the shadows and assassinate your opponents with a full blast of buckshot!
American FNF


Game Mode: Last Man Standing
WADs: Doom E1, Doom 1 Mapinfo, ClassicLMS, FNF Stats, New Text Colors

When: When: December 15th, 2017, 8PM (EST)
Central: 7PM
Mountain: 6PM
Pacific: 5PM

Where: The Sentinel's Playground
Spoiler: Customized settings (Open)
Player/Client limit: 32/64
Time Limit: 3 minutes
Win Limit: 3
Maplist: TBA

Code: Select all

DMFlags 2907140
DMFlags2 1600
ZADMFlags 16400
CompatFlags 131136
ZACompatFlags 131336

sv_suddendeath false
sv_randommaprotation false
sv_defaultdmflags false

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