ZCA Tendency Megathread

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Re: ZCA Tendency Megathread


Post by Zakken » Tue Nov 10, 2020 4:41 pm

ZCA Tendency #14: TDM (EU)

Sign-ups are now open! You may sign up either by posting the required information here, or on the ZCA Discord group's respective channel. You can sign up as a pre-established team, or as a free agent that will be automatically paired up with someone else when the tourney begins.

Time table:
Sign-ups start: Tuesday, November 10th
Sign-ups end & tournament begins: Saturday, November 14th @ 20:00 CET / 2:00 PM EST
Tournament duration: 2.5 to 3 hours

Map pool:
MAP09 - UDM3 MAP11
MAP22 - Lazarus MAP08
MAP35 - Gothic2 MAP11
MAP39 - Onls3 MAP06

Sign-up templates:

Code: Select all

Team name: Death by Snu Snu
Names: Player 1 & Player 2
Country: USA
Preferred contact: ZCA Discord

Code: Select all

Name: Player
Country: USA
Preferred contact: ZCA Discord
Signed-up teams:
Dumases United (Aliens, Poto)
Guardians of Hell (Tigeriens, Ion)
Impse Gliders (NinjaDog, Dastan)
Freestylers (Turki, vinny)
Howdy Hell (Asriel, Tai)
Jom (edd, Collision)
Challonge page

1st. [DU] Dumases United
:flag_sk: Aliens, :flag_cz: Poto

2nd. [IG] Impse Gliders
:flag_us: NinjaDog, :flag_ma: Dastan

3rd. [GOH] Guardians of Hell
:flag_us: Tigeriens, :flag_mk: Ion

4th. [FS] Freestylers
:flag_sa: Turki, :flag_ar: vinny

5th. [HH] Howdy Hell
:flag_us: Tai, :flag_us: Asriel

6th. [JOM] Jom
:flag_us: edd, :flag_ca: Collision
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