CTF Tendency S1T2 Sign-up Thread

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CTF Tendency S1T2 Sign-up Thread


Post by Zakken » Sun Nov 25, 2018 2:35 am

Sign-ups for CTF Tendency S1T2 are now open! You may sign up either by posting the required information here, or on the ZCA Discord group's respective channel.

Time table:
Sign-ups start: Sunday, November 25th
Sign-ups end & draft begins: Saturday, December 1st @ 6:00 PM EST
Tournament starts: Saturday, December 1st @ 7:00 PM EST
Tournament duration: 2.5 to 3 hours

Map pool:
MAP04 - Ralphis Magical Ice Forts (ZDCTF04)
MAP14 - Mephitic Waste (CORE26)
MAP25 - Infection (RAGECTF21)
MAP31 - Mountain Zero (THIRTY4-31)
MAP40 - Black Rock Spire (CORE35)

Sign-up template:

Code: Select all

Nickname: Zakken
Country: Brazil
Position: D, Mid, O
Captain: Yes/No
Preferred contact: DCWC Discord
Spoiler: CTF Tendency Ruleset v1.00 (November 11th) (Open)
I - Team structure
1. Auction draft:
1.1. All participating players are signed up as free agents, and are given the option to volunteer as captains;
1.2. Team rosters will be assembled by way of an auction draft. Captains will be hand-picked based on skill level, reliability and willingness to take on such a role;
1.3. At the day of the event, captains will be given a fictional budget of $20, which will be spent bidding on free agents to be drafted to their teams;
1.4. Each drafted player must be acquired by a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $19.

2. Each team is comprised of an assigned captain and two other players;
3. Teams must be named in accordance to general decency rules (aka common sense);
4. Trading between teams is not allowed.
5. In the event that a team is down by one member in-between matches, they are allowed to trade in somebody who wasn't drafted. If there's nobody in the free agency, then a temporary sub-in from outside the tournament is also allowed.


II - Game structure
1. Games will be played on the [NJ] FUNCRUSHER server by default, on Zandronum 3.0. Teams may agree to play in other servers, as long as they meet the CTF standards:
2. The map set to be used is xctf2018v4.pk3, as is the currently utilised WAD in regular private CTF;
3. All matches follow a 3 vs. 3, 5 captures, 10 minutes format. Sudden death is turned ON;
4. All matches are best-of-3 on three different maps selected by the two teams facing each other in each game. The map pool is comprised of 5 maps (that are disclosed as sign-ups open), and the map selection for each round is done in this order:
- a coinflip determines a winner and a loser;
- the coinflip winner chooses whether they want to ban first or let the opposing team ban first;
- one team bans the first map, the other team bans the second map;
- the team that banned first picks the round 1 map, the team that banned second picks the round 2 map;
- the last remaining map becomes the round 3 map;
5. Matches continue regardless of what predicaments any player may face. The players themselves are responsible for issues such as connection problems, not the administration;
6. In the event that a server crashes or severely lags in the middle of a match, it must be restarted at the same time frame and team scores as they were before the server crash took place.


III - Tournament structure
1. The tournament structure depends on how many teams are formed:
- round-robin for 4 or less teams;
- double-elimination for 5 or more teams;

2. Round-robin structure:
2.1. Each team plays all of the other teams, in an order that will be determined once the tournament begins;
2.2. In a 4-team tournament, the top 3 teams with the best win/loss record move on to the playoffs, with the 1st seed bye-ing to grand finals and the 2nd seed playing the 3rd seed. In a 3-team tournament, the top 2 teams move on to play the grand finals.

3. Double-elimination structure:
3.1. All teams are seeded randomly. Standard double-elimination settings apply;
3.2. There is no bracket reset in grand finals. Only one set is played between the two finalists.


IV - Player duties
1. Recordings:
1.1. Every player who participates in any match must record and upload a demo or livestream from said match if requested by the administration;
1.2. If players fail to comply with their demo/livestream uploads if demanded, their team forfeits all games where said player participated in.

2. Captains are urged to make themselves available an hour before the event begins (6:00 PM EST) in order to do the auction draft;
3. Players who sign-up must attend to the event at the specified time (7:00 PM EST). Offenders will be barred from CTF Tendency for one tournament, with increasing punishments for repeat offenders.


V - Rules of conduct
1. Be respectful to other players, especially when they are practising or playing their matches;
2. Show commitment to your matches. This goes double for captains;
3. Cheating is strictly prohibited. Cheating is not limited to, but is characterised by: utilising wallhacks, aimbots, ping manipulators (lag switches) and getting metagame intel from a third party (ghosting). Offenders will be banned for all foreseeable CTF Tendency events.
4. Players who receive bans from the Funcrusher server cluster (e.g. in private CTF, public CTF) for any reason will not be allowed to play until their bans expire;
5. That's about it. Be nice to your fellow competitors and give this tournament the respect it deserves and everything will be a-ok!!!
Signed-up players:
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Re: CTF Tendency S1T2 Sign-up Thread


Post by Asriel » Sun Nov 25, 2018 7:51 pm

Nickname: Asriel
Country: United States of America
Position: D
Captain: Yes
Preferred contact: Discord and Zandronum forums.
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Re: CTF Tendency S1T2 Sign-up Thread


Post by Zakken » Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:41 am

Challonge page

1st. [JSP] Just Some Players
:flag_br: Zakken, :flag_us: JustAPlayer, :flag_ca: Razor

2nd. [MT] Moroccan Thunder
:flag_us: Jwarrier, :flag_us: Cartel, :flag_us: Asriel

3rd. [DONUTS] Donuts
:flag_br: Infer, :flag_us: WoodPecker, :flag_au: DoomJoshuaBoy

Thank you to everyone who came in to play, and sorry for the sub-ins that were needed for the teams. Hopefully more people will be committed to show up next time and avoid suspensions!! Next Tendency is coming December 15th.
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