QC:DE Duel Tournament (Sat 7th)

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QC:DE Duel Tournament (Sat 7th)


Post by dbthanatos » Fri Apr 06, 2018 7:49 am

Jehar and TastySpleenTV are hosting this Saturday 7th, a duel tournament with Quake Champions: Doom Edition



All players will be required to check-in on discord 1 hr before games are scheduled to begin:


Format: Double Elim If we have more than 12 teams, UB matches until UB Semis will be Bo1. Otherwise, only the first round of the UB will be Bo1. Grand Final will be played in a 2xBo3 format.

Server settings:
-10 minute timelimit
-20 fraglimit

Map Picks:
- Aerowalk (QCDE08)
- Blood Covenant (QCDE01)
- Blood Run (QCDE07)
- Fortress in the Void (QCDE05)
- Vertical Vengeance (QCDE09)

BO1: High seed tosses first, then low seed. High seed picks.
BO3: High seed picks, low seed picks. For tiebreakers, low seed tosses first, then high seed. Play the remaining map.

Match Streaming: In both brackets, one game per round will be streamed until the semifinals, which will be delayed so both can receive coverage. If you are asked to delay your match until the stream is ready, please do so.

Prize Distribution: TBD

Additional prize money may be donated to jehar@tastyspleen.net - 100% of donations will go directly to the next week's prize pool, in a 50/35/15 split once the pool reaches more than $100 USD.

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Re: QC:DE Duel Tournament (Sat 7th)


Post by dbthanatos » Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:15 am

This is how it went. Starts at 2:37:30

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