Complex Doom: LCA (Legendary Complex Addon)

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Complex Doom: LCA (Legendary Complex Addon)


Post by arkore » Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:17 pm

Legendary wrote:I based the Hexa-Shotgun Zombie off of the Quad Shotgun Zombie.
Legendary wrote:You'd have to ask Daedalus why he gave the other two zombies a tighter custom spread.
How is that going to help?

If you 1) put in some effort and actually look into the problem, and 2) stop "bullshitting", then we'd get somewhere.

I set the damage for Hexa-Shotgun zombie, remember? Because I'm the one that created the Hexa-Shotgun, based from Quad-Shotgun.

If you bother to look at the code for QuadShotgunZombie and compare to HexaShotgunZombie, you'd see an imbalance. The QuadZombie shoots single shots of 10 pellets and quad shots of 24 pellets while the Hexa shoots single shots of 10 pellets but shoots hexa shots at 78 pellets. Do the math, and you'll see that 78 is too high.

On top of that, use common sense and realize that 78 is already too high for a "monster" as opposed to a "player".

A quick fix would be to add +NORANDOM flag to Hexa Zombie.
Legendary wrote:LCA is nowhere near dead, the servers just had 15+ people for the past few days. I'm not the cause of this update taking so long to release. Zheg was supposed to send me some player and pickup sprites weeks ago and I'm still waiting on him. He's been on the forums a few times and still hasn't told me anything. I sent him multiple messages both here and through email and I still have yet to hear anything from him even though he said he'd have the sprites done approximately 3 weeks ago now.
You are the cause for the delay. You removed everyone's access from the Dropbox project during your hissy fit of being reported/banned.

Zheg already finished the sprites and sent them to me. He offered to do them again, because the ones he did were of the player holding the devastator weapon and I said to him people might say "what's with the gold devastator?". But then you removed everyone's access and threatened to AFK for 2 months.

So, again, you're responding in a manner of what's called "bullshitting".