Skulltag wads discussion

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haruko haruhara123
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Skulltag wads discussion


Post by haruko haruhara123 » Mon Jul 27, 2020 6:45 am

This is a discussion thread about the single player an invasion wads but not deathmatch since there was like a billion of those wads but I will mention the ones I have but I won't mention all of them but if you are wondering I wasn't in the skulltag Ara but I'm just a guy who has been collecting them since late 2018 an early 2019 an 2020 but yeah I will mention them now

Invasion wads:
Armageddon 1
Armageddon 2
Alpha and Delta
Zero Invasion
Utnt Invasion
Vpg invasion
Invasion unleashed
Futur war Invasion
Shotgun frenzy
I believe that was all of the pouplar ones but now for single player

Single player wads
Hell after dreams 1
Hell after dreams 2
Swan fox 1
Swan fox 2
Nightmare maze
Silence Hazard
In claws of mishgtun
Dead silence 1
Dead silence 2
Doom space
The sombre house
Order to kill all
Boss battles v35 st
Rainbow factory
The catacombs
Violent senruobso
Hell on earth 2
Tk hq
Corrupt world demo

Basically this is all I have but I do have More but as I said I don't want to mention all of them but say your thoughts about this thread if you want

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Re: Skulltag wads discussion


Post by UnTrustable » Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:34 pm

I only know

Armageddon 1
Alpha & Delta (who has a Boss bug now-a-days and fixed lately)
Zero Invasion
Invasion Unleashed
Utnt Invasion
Futur war Invasion
and Boss battles.

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