Attention - "Omega Duel" mappers - from the Skulltag era

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Attention - "Omega Duel" mappers - from the Skulltag era


Post by Rachael » Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:26 am

Hello. As many of you know, I once went by the name Eruanna - this is not a secret, so if you think you're "doxxing" me by revealing that I already doxxed myself by switching to my real name, so the joke's on you, lol! - and before you ask, yes, people have tried that, it's just as ridiculously comical as it sounds.

Anyway - about a decade or so ago, I once led a project in the Skulltag community called Omega Duel. AlexMax had, at the time, released a duel mapset that was focused on old school gameplay, where freelook jumping and crouching were all forbidden. The maps stuck to vanilla textures and the focus of the project was mostly collecting the maps, and developing the scripts created for the gameplay mode which revolved around - you guessed it - two people dueling. This gained a lot of popularity in the Skulltag days, and rightfully so (I know, it's a shocker, people played something other than GvH! Or AoW! Or WDI! Or ZDCTF!). Anyway, Omega Duel was essentially a response to that - something that focused on newschool, or the future of Doom - which had sloping floors, a wider texture assortment, level features that simply were not available when the duel maps in AlexMax's project were originally made, and the ability to use freelook, crouch, and jumping.

Anyway, the project showed a lot of promise. Many maps were completed but the project ultimately was never released due to a perfect storm of events that led to it simply dying out never to see the light of day.

Thanks to my friend Remmirath, I managed to get a relatively late copy of Omega Duel from before it breathed its last, and currently have plans to release it - unfinished - to the public. However, seeing as how it was a community project and securing permission from everyone who may have contributed is not possible (mostly because I have lost contact with them or don't remember who they are), I am putting this message out in the hopes of reaching the former mappers. If there is anyone who does not want their work released, please get in touch with me ASAP and tell me which maps you did.

I will be cutting the obviously unfinished maps anyway, and simply replacing them with placeholders. After that point, the project will be licensed to what is essentially what is nearly public domain (attribution would be required, but other than that, free to modify) for the benefit of the mappers whose original work got lost and for the benefit of the community at large. Who knows - maybe someone will take up the mantle of finishing it and promoting it for competitive Zandronum use.

If you know anyone who has worked with me during this time, please get in touch with them and alert them to this thread. Anything that is not pulled within the next couple of weeks, will most likely be released. Thank you.

P.S. I rarely check these forums - the best way to get a hold of me is either on Discord (I am on Zandronum's discord, just @ me there if my PM's are blocked) or send me a PM on the ZDoom forums.

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Re: Attention - "Omega Duel" mappers - from the Skulltag era


Post by Xenaero » Mon Mar 04, 2019 10:58 am

It would be interesting to see this project get revived, I never thought I'd hear about it again.

What always interested me in this was the parallel that Omega Duel drew in relation to Doom the same way Chaindude's Lazarus project did, so I'll have to watch this with some interest~

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Re: Attention - "Omega Duel" mappers - from the Skulltag era


Post by Zakken » Wed Mar 06, 2019 6:08 am

Oh, I really liked this project! These are very pleasant news.
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Re: Attention - "Omega Duel" mappers - from the Skulltag era


Post by Ænima » Sat Mar 09, 2019 2:01 am


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