[EB] Euroboros - European Web Based Public Server Hosting

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[EB] Euroboros - European Web Based Public Server Hosting


Post by Kaapeli47 » Fri Dec 31, 2021 9:31 pm

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce Euroboros, the long awaited European edition to the TSPG Zandronum server host!

What is Euroboros?

Euroboros is a free, automated Zandronum server hosting service in Europe, created by Iko and maintained by Dark-Assassin and DoomJoshuaBoy.
Based on The Sentinel's Playground (TSPG), Euroboros was created to have a European edition of the same server host.
It can be considered the successor to the late BritSteel node of TSPG, and works exactly the same way as TSPG with the same features, but with its own website and file system.

Main website: https://euroboros.net/
Just like the website of TSPG, the website of Euroboros is designed and maintained by Dark-Assassin.
The servers of Euroboros are located in Falkenstein, Germany, and can be recognized from the tag [EB].

Other important links:

Owner: Iko

Maintenance: DoomJoshuaBoy

Web/Server Dev: Dark-Assassin

Moderators: Kaapeli47, Dragon

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