Request : Doom Speed Mapping Contest

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Request : Doom Speed Mapping Contest


Post by Abashi76 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 12:05 am

I heard of this thing known as "speed mapping". I never actually completed a map before (besides oblige). I would think I could produce a decent map in a month, with boom tricks.

I was thinking of a speed mapping for classical themed maps. I would need help with ideas.

So far my ideas are :

-DEHACKED file allowed
-MAPINFO can be used for : episode names, map info, difficulty settings, text entries, intermission screens
-DECORATE can be used for : taking sprites from other iwads, replacing useless sprites, up to 10 custom decorates, and a 100 custom sprites
-PNAMES, ANIMDEFS, TEXTURE, files are allowed, must be no more than 50 custom textures if they're not from other iwads
-WAD file must be less than 20 mb, but at least 50 kb
-WAD must contain at least 1 map, but no more than a 100
-Maps may only have up to a 1000 sectors and 10,000 linedefs, all sectors that player can enter must be smaller than 10,000x10,000 but larger than 1000x1000
-Up to a 100 more graphic files, and a 100 more sound files
-Map scripts may be used for more keycards, and anything that comes with editing in Hexen mode
-No TCs
-Must be playable with GZdoom, if not than Vanilla compatible

... any ideas? anybody interested?

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