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Test Front-End


Post by Galaxy_Stranger » Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:53 am

I'm on the home-stretch working on this launcher. I'd really like some feedback on this. It's focused on all ZDoom-based ports, but works with any.

32bit Windows: http://robodoom.com/ZFL_build_2018.08.19.7z
  • MD5 Hash: 77a3e5201b986556869d1a87b3f6c775
32bit Linux: Not packaged yet
Requirements: Minimum screen resolution of 1070x721
  • All command-line switches made available in GUI form
  • Easily host and join games
  • Readily displays outward-facing and local IP addresses for game hosting
  • Easy import and organization of PWADs
  • Easy handling of demos, save games and dehacked patch files
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