discord server: redheadmetalC fan server [read!]

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discord server: redheadmetalC fan server [read!]


Post by haruko haruhara123 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 1:07 am

well for you who might be wondering redheadmetalC is known as hevn demonic on moddb and discord but there's more.

the server may not be much but i made it for fun but then i thought i could make it about angel neko x too since them both have similar types of wads but with redheadmetalC his wads has a bit more details like his hell after dreams 1 an 2 an nightmare maze 1 through 6 and aiwwac 1 an 2 and his misc wads like science hazard and in claws of Mishgtun etc more info in the server.

the server is for people who like there wads but if you are new to these guys get to know them and say hi i don't think they will mind.

hevn demonic started making doom mods around 2008 with thiny93 which is also known as lolo_is_cool on zdoom forum's.

audom moy started around 2010ish and hevn was one of his helpers for art and maybe some parts of the wads audom moy is also known as angel neko x and shiga95.

and gameloverenjoyer also known as gle this guy right here was the guy who made that bosses.wad video that was called a special boss fight wad video he was also known to be with hevn demonic for a wad called dead silence made by gle

but here is the discord
im the admin.

hope you will come by :biggrin:

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