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Re: Find the wad!


Post by CrusoeDaWolf » Fri Aug 02, 2019 12:25 am

I've been looking for a WAD by Thiny93 that was simply titled hotel.wad. It was used in a Skulltag Halloween event or something along those lines. Would be greatly appreciated if someone could send me a link!

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Re: Find the wad!


Post by MetalGuy213 » Wed Aug 28, 2019 3:13 am

MetalGuy213 wrote:
Sat May 26, 2018 8:10 pm
MetalGuy213 wrote:
Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:06 am
I Shall wish to find the Prequel of Invasion Unleashed - Legion Of Sin/Evil Within since i want it so much... so i am talking about the Original Invasion Unleashed.
I Can Peacefully waiting.
Quoting myself 3 times can be kinda dumb, i found the prequel 1 year and 8 months ago... pfft
Nothing much to say, everything is now back as well trough the years...
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