Decay's POV: Zan forums dead and online not much better

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Re: Decay's POV: Zan forums dead and online not much better


Post by Gul Dukat » Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:04 pm

I find it funny that some mod disregarded my post of links of my rants from 2012/2013 about the state of the competitive scene, the state of the moderation and the toxicity or maybe lack of playful drama, which pretty much was nearly inline with Decay's viewpoints about "The Players" of the community in his OP. Now full disclosure: The moderation is a lot more better than it was when Metal was lead admin, like lol holy shit, those years were a fucking nightmare for the community. She literally was the worst admin I've seen in any community, aside from Kil "I'm gonna banned you for life because you hurt my feelings" Gore for not handling a little fucking banter and being the butt end of a joke.

Originally I wasn't even aware of this thread and I didn't wanted to post in this thread but some of decay points did caught my eye....

I just wanna say that, the reason why I posted in this thread is because, I've kinda been saying this for a while now, this isn't new to me, I literally been watching this for the past five years. I knew this day will happen and I did try to make light of it. That competitive scene would one day implode and slowly die off because a bunch of 20 and 30-something players wanna gatekeep the scene and shit on anyone new or not good enough to fuck off back to Fortnite, PUBG or some meme game of the half decade because they couldn't handle getting their asses beaten by the same nine people over and over or force to bench for hours on end because they're "not good enough" and their only chance to play was be a capt, only have the fucking priv session died because "Oh, shitplayer32 is now capt. Time to timeout or start saying GGs" or get pissy on TS because that very same player is mediocre and believe me, I was in those TS sessions in BE/Water's server while everyone was priving. I thought I'd never hear a bunch of 20/30 male adults being all bunch of dramatic primadonna with sour grapes because they couldn't fucking handle losing one game because they had a mediocre player. I'll probably give Mobius and A3 some prop, they probably don't give a shit or at the very least act like toxic spastics when they lose because had pick that one shitty player on their team in priv. Then again, I never lurk on their discord/ts when they priv but I know this is a pretty fucking common thing to hear when [R] group plays priv on their TS.

In fact, to me it's even more funnier when these very same top ranking ctf players that was gatekeepping the scene back and holding down or blocking new or unskilled players from playing priv in 2013 decided to fuck off from the port to play Overwatch, PUBG or Fortnite because "waaa, no one plays priv any more," "I'm tired of playing the same 10 players" "I hate playing with unskilled players." Now I do think Jenova point that some people have moved on does have merit but honestly, if that was the case, we should've had people who started playing CTF in 2014 start being the top players now. Yes, people will because disinterested and leave the port for good. But still, the priv''s elitism and"boys club" mentality
back in late 00s to early 10s put the death of the scene on overdrive.

Anyways, I'll leave you guys too it to this thread and the merry-go-round arguments about the competitive scene. I'll just continue to lurk and watch this community degrade to nothingness like everything that was popluar in the early-mid 2000s. Can't wait another 10 years time when it's only Mobius clan and a few randos still playing/working on this port.

(I won't be making anymore posts in this thread, so I don't really care if you spit this post too. I just wanna point out the irony that I saw this coming 5 years ago.)

Mod edit: I dont know why I hadnt banned you yet since you outed yourself as Mr Cheater previously and I sure as hell dont know why you keep thinking anyone here has any desire to read anything you post, but I'm fixing that right now.

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Re: Decay's POV: Zan forums dead and online not much better


Post by Fused » Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:34 am

I would voice my opinion as as a moderator and a player, but since I haven't done that more recent it has cost me my moderator role, apparently. So I don't really care doing it as a player either.

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Re: Decay's POV: Zan forums dead and online not much better


Post by nax » Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:51 pm

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