Zandronum F.A.Q. (1.0) [Copy of old Skulltag FAQ]

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Zandronum F.A.Q. (1.0) [Copy of old Skulltag FAQ]


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This is a copy from

How do I add colors to my name?

Colorizing your name works the way you coloring strings in ACS. To colorize a
part of your name, simply put:


... before that part of your name. Whatever letter you pick (a-i) determines
the color of the letters after it. So, say I wanted to make my name red.
I'd type (at the console)

name \cgCarnevil

Since g is the code for red, that makes my name appear in red. If I wanted the
first part in red, and the second in blue, I'd do:

name \cgCarn\chevil

Since h is the code for blue, everything after it ("evil") will appear blue.
Pretty simple, huh? Anyway, the color codes are:

a: reddish brick
b: tan
c: white
d: green
e: brown
f: gold
g: red
h: blue
i: orange
j: white
k: yellow
l: red
m: black
n: sky blue
o: beige
p: olive
q: dark green
r: dark red
s: brown
t: purple
u: gray

Go nuts! :) It can also be done when chatting, so enjoy.

Who is the voice of the Zandronum announcer?
Mike Lightner, better known as Mancubus_II. Why, he's the same guy who
did the HTML and art for this here manual!
Why is the BFG10K so damn weak?
plz die, kthxbye.


Client Mode

How do I connect to servers?
There are serveral ways to do this:
> Zandronum's internal server browser easily lets you connect to servers! Simply go to Multiplayer->Browse Servers, and choose the server of your choice to play in!
> You can type "connect " in the console window to connect to a server if you know it's IP address.
> There are also many excellent 3rd party programs that can be used with Zandronum that let you connect to servers!
>>IDE allows you to easily browse and join servers.
>>Doom Connector also lets you join servers, as well as provides a pre-game chat interface!


How do I change the server's name?
Set the cvar "sv_hostname" to whatever you'd like your server name to be.

How do I set the rcon password?
Set the cvar "sv_rconpassword" to whatever you'd like the password to be.
How do I set the message of the day (MOTD)?
Set the cvar "sv_motd" to whatever you'd like the password to be.
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