Staff problems.

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Staff problems.


Post by Danzoa » Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:23 am

Okay, so I'm here today to speak the truth about all of the staff in Zandronum, who think they are so good.

First fact, Shadowfox just keeps evading/cheating, along with his clan IDP, and i've reported them several times and someone I know saw they did and had a Demo of it yet none of the staff did anything about it, untill this moment still, he is playing at this very moment, while the staff knows of his identity and doesn't do anything.

Fact #2, AlexMax, made a deal with shadowfox to shorten his ban if he just stays away from NJ, + the fact that he was in a duel server earlier where VeloFX, admitted himself that he was shadowfox and merely got a votekick, evaded the 10 minute ban and came back, but guess what? AlexMax didn't do so much as report him, because he stayed in that server for atleast longer than an hour, and at this very moment he's still running around loose on Zandronum.

Fact #3, out of the 5-6 reports I have given to the admins so far this week, he was only banned once or twice, and the rest none of you even cared about, or banned him. This is info he himself was able to give me when i asked him after his first ban if he had been banned again or no, wich he replied NO to ofcourse :).

Fact #4, When I came into the staff to report, and I must say, staff was very much active at that time, so when i came in there to report IDP cheating in a scrim VS us, the only person who even bothered to show up to take a look, wich I must say is not an admin anymore as of late, was Metalhead. And that was a sad thing, because we all know that as soon as Shadowfox and his gang see metal they know something is off, and they suddenly played 200% worse than they did the previous match :).

And do not take any of this offensive, i'm just pointing out some of the details, that pretty much show how you guys don't even care about banning Aimbotters/wallhackers/Triggerbotters etc., even when an admin is in that same server as him and knows it is him.

Guys again no offence but, each damn time when Metalhead used to be admin and I reported a cheater like Praef, Shadowfox and his IDP gang etc, she showed up as soon as she noticed I had PM'd her, everytime I had a report about somebody she replied whenever she had the immediate chance and the other admins never did, not even after 7-8 hours of idling on IRC when they can easily PM me when they had the slightest bit of time, I must say... You bashed Metalhead about being a bad admin, but in my eyes even though she had mistakes like any normal human being, she was one of the only who actually stood up, and banned any evader/cheater etc.

Her bans weren't because she PMS'd, they were because those people evaded over 20 times, and keep cheating everytime they're back.

Again, take no offence of this, I'm just pointing out some facts of how this staff is currently handling, and I would personally like to see it changed, because I dislike having to play aimbotters like MonsterRob, Kalfoxis, Shadowfox etc.

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RE: Staff problems.


Post by The Toxic Avenger » Thu Mar 13, 2014 2:27 am

Duplicate thread, for anyone wondering why I trashed this.