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Post by GhostlyDeath » Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:01 am

Greetings, I am GhostlyDeath.


So will everything be resetting this time around? New everything?

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RE: Greetings.


Post by Wartorn » Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:04 am

Almost. We atleast intend to undo a lot of the changes brought along by Skulltag_Data.pk3 for the port side of things, so that's a start for the client to remain barebones. As for the community, to be determined if we can actually pull off the migration.

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RE: Greetings.


Post by XutaWoo » Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:14 am

Seems a bit odd considering the amount of wads that used those resources is going to cause it to be released by someone anyway.

Unless I'm completely misunderstanding.

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RE: Greetings.


Post by esselfortium » Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:24 am

It'll be available as an optional backwards-compatibility download, I believe, to allow existing projects to work while discouraging its continued use elsewhere.

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RE: Greetings.


Post by Fluttershy » Mon Jun 04, 2012 7:24 am

I heard about this site from a friend of mine, and I'm sure a few of you might remember me from the old one. I never really knew what was happening because my computer has been malfunctioning for quite a bit now, and every time I attempted to run the game, it either crashed or spontaneously rebooted itself. My graphics are screwed up in many areas, as one of my internal capacitors seems to be blown. I'm going to look into repairing it sometime this week, so I'll be back on by then. I haven't been in IRC Chat in quite a while, either. I thought the site itself got purged or something, but I'm glad to see that it's still going strong over here.

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RE: Greetings.


Post by Espio » Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:51 am

New place eh? I hope things will go ALOT smoother than it was before.
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RE: Greetings.


Post by Sky DriveR » Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:57 am

Yeah I hope that too, at last it's back.