Welcome to Freeplay Nights Frenzy!

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Welcome to Freeplay Nights Frenzy!


Post by HumanBones » Sun Apr 07, 2019 9:53 pm


Welcome to the all new FNF - Freeplay Nights Frenzy - powered by the Multiplayer Doom Federation! FNF has been a household name on Zandronum/Skulltag for well over a decade. Times change, and the community is at the point where one set day every week is not the best format to run an event. We want to shake things up and invigorate the community, all while honoring the legacy of FNF. One of our goals is to involve YOU, the community, as much as possible in what gets run and when we run it. You may even get to host your very own event! Hope you come along for the ride, it will be a fun one.

Why "Freeplay Nights"? - It perfectly describes what we're all about. We're not centered around one gamemode, we'll be playing everything from Prophunt to Skulltag to TDM, and all things in between. We'll have a dedicated team of people running the events, but a sign up page will be available for anyone who wants to put their name down to run the gamemode/wad/week of their choice. This will strive to be a truly community-driven event. Each event will switch off being US based and Euro based as well, making things as balanced as possible.

When will FNF be held? - Of course, everyone is used to FNF being held on a Friday. Freeplay Nights Frenzy will not be a regularly scheduled weekly event. We'll aim to run at least 2 events per month, centered around your choices as well as things that the Multiplayer Doom Federation is considering running as a bigger production.

What will FNF run? - Anything! We'd like to work closely with anyone developing new wads or ideas that they'd like to show off or receive feedback for. Outside of what people on the sign up thread choose, you will likely be able to gauge what's on the horizon for the MDF based on the types of things being run.

How to get involved? - Become a part of our discord. FNF will be run directly out of the Multiplayer Doom Federation discord server. Join there and assign yourself an "FNF" role in order to be highlighted for upcoming events. You'll also be able to contact staff members and become a participating member of the community.

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