A_CustomFist expected ")" got "," instead

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A_CustomFist expected ")" got "," instead


Post by HellBlade64 » Mon Jul 20, 2020 7:25 pm

I have been scraping my brain the past hour or so trying to debug this and get it working.

So here we go:
I'm trying to make a custom starter fist for a Play class that starts with only their fists.

What I am trying to accomplish with the starting fist is allowing the players to leech health from enemies with the fist.
Issue is, the minute I want to limit the amount of health the player leeches, Zandronum fails to load with the message, and quote:

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Expected ")" got ","
I have literally no idea what that could mean at all.
For point of reference, the line it's referring to is this:

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PUNG C 4 A_CustomPunch(2 * random(1, 10), TRUE,0,BulletPuff,0,1,1)
That last "1" on the line there references the CustomFist function that limits the maximum amount of health the player can leech from a punched monster.
If that 1 isn't there, the player gets full health back.
But the MINUTE it is there Zandronum crashes and spits this error.
The ZDoom Wiki provides nothing useful error itself sure as hell provides no useful context.

So literally anything provided here is helpful.

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Re: A_CustomFist expected ")" got "," instead


Post by Sean » Mon Jul 20, 2020 7:27 pm

You have too many parameters - the lifestealmax parameter was added in a later version of ZDoom than the one Zandronum is based on.
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