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[ACS] Switching Intermission Screen Backgrounds Between Episodes

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 3:12 pm
by Abashi76
I just combined three wads : "Return to Phobos" , "Slaughter Until Death" , "Evil Unleashed". There is a basic problem with the intermission I have always noticed ; the "Slaughter Until Death" episode is overall less tech base and more hellish than the "Evil Unleashed" episode. However, "Slaughter Until Death" is significantly easier than "Evil Unleashed". I could easily re-order the episodes and switch sky boxes by either editing MAPINFO for zdoom, or adding picks from the iwad and switching their names for Vanilla. However, I prefer to have the episodes in the same order. I tried using the episode properties on MAPINFO to make episode 2 e3m# and episode 3 and e2m#, but the problem is the game orders the episodes on the menu screen based on that (it would have been too confusing anyway). I did many other experiments and none of them worked. The cluster definition did not seem to have anything to do with it. I tried many methods mentioned on the zdoom wiki and none of them work.

How would I switch Intermission backgrounds from episode 2 and episode 3? There must be a simple way to do this without having to remake all the original intermission background/screens.