Master Server Player Rules

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Master Server Player Rules


Post by nax » Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:07 pm

Taken from the original post by The Toxic Avenger with a new addition

In-Game Rules

The rules below are for players, and apply to servers hosted on the Zandronum Master Server, and not to unlisted/LAN servers.
The rules for server hosts are located here: Master Server Policy


The only cheats that are allowed on Zandronum are sv_cheats 1. Anything that gives you a large advantage over normal players is not allowed.
This includes wallhacks, aimbots, and modifications that allow the client to override server settings. This includes making one immune to things like mutes, custom clients that grief players or speedhacks.

Server Crashing

If you find a bug in which you are able to crash personal, private or public servers, please report it to the tracker. Do not use any severe exploits or bugs in a malicious way. This is treated with the same punishment as cheating, Possibly an even worse ban, depending on the circumstances.

Doxxing / IRL Threats

This rule is broken when a member of our community is found "Doxxing" or gathering real world information on another player and using that information to make personal threats.

Ban lengths

Bans can vary depending on the degree of offense. The following are the minimum ban lengths:
  • Cheating: 1 year
  • Ban evasion: This automatically warrants a 3 month extension to your existing master ban. Whether you "knew" or not you were evading your ban, if you forget when your ban expires you should always ask staff if you are allowed to play yet or not.
  • Crashing servers: Minimum 3 months to one year. In severe cases, it can go beyond that or even permanent.
  • Doxxing / IRL Threats: Permanent.
  • Repeat offenses: Staff discretion. It goes without saying, but when your ban expires, don't break the rules again.