Note: this site can provide feeds for public forums only

With Smartfeed you can create your own personalized newsfeed from posts on this board and read them with the newsreader of your choice. Smartfeed can support authentication for registered members, allowing them to view posts in forums that others may not be able to read.

Forum selection

Bolded forum names, if any, are forums that the administrator requires to be shown in any newsfeed. You cannot unselect these forums. Forum names that have strikethrough text are not allowed in a newsfeed and cannot be selected. If looged in then all forum selection is disabled when you select bookmarked topics only.

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Post filters

Include posts over this time range up to the present in the newsfeed. Irrespective of the time periods shown, this board has a set limit of 30 days beyond which no posts can be retrieved. This is necessary to ensure that fetching feeds does not slow down overall access to this forum.

The maximum number of posts in a feed allowed by the board's administrator is 10. You may set this value to any number less than or equal to the board limit, but greater than or equal to 1.

If zero, there are no minimum number of words required.

Additional criteria

Default order is the order used by phpBB if you don't change it in the User Control Panel. By default, posts in the feed are shown in category order (ascending), then forum order (ascending) within categories, then last topic post time (descending) within a forum and then post time (ascending) within a topic.

If zero, a post can be of any size in the feed up to the board limit, if any. Notice: if not zero, then to ensure consistent rendering, if a post must be truncated, the HTML will be removed from the post.

Format & access control

Please note that the amount of feed styling actually applied depends on the capabilities of your news reader. Most news readers will not apply all HTML styles. Place your cursor over the style text to learn more.

Generate & test

To copy it, click on the URL. All text will be automatically selected. Then copy and paste it in your news reader.

Run the URL in a new page of your browser. The newsfeed may look better in a newsreader.

Smartfeed generates validated ATOM 1.0 feeds, as tested by the W3C Feed Validation Service. Smartfeed generates validated RSS 2.0 feeds, as tested by the W3C Feed Validation Service. Smartfeed generates validated RSS 1.0 feeds, as tested by the W3C Feed Validation Service.