Forum Rules

Guidelines & Rules

Forum Language
This forum is English only. Please use other languages in PM.

+ Don't Link Piracy or "Abandonware"
Piracy is strictly forbidden. No links to warez, cracks, abandonware, hacks, or websites of the like.
The Doom series, Heretic & Hexen, etc can be purchased on Steam.

Don't Spam
Please do not spam. Use the edit button on your post so you don't have to double/triple post if you've forgotten to add something.

Be Civil
Treat others with the same kind of respect you wish to be treated with. If that's not very much, treat others with respect anyway.

+ Don't post things that are Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
NSFW links and content are strictly forbidden. Don't post pornographic images, shock sites, shock images or morbid material on the forums.
Please be mindful of cursing. Swearing is not banned but it would be great if we could respect everyone's wishes.

+ No Harassment
This includes racism, sexism, and general harassment (Name calling, flaming, trolling, etc).

Basic Summary
Think before you post, be generally polite, and do your best to remain civil even in disputes.
We do not tolerate rule bending, ban evading, or rude immaturity of any kind. Depending on the degree of your offense(s), you may be warned or banned for extended amount of time.